Sunday, January 01, 2012

Netflix Instant - Not Quite Perfect

The New York Times had a good article in 2011 on the state of affairs in Netflix Instant, where the gems are hard to find, especially for cinephiles who watch 100+ movies a year.

The shelves of the two leading services, Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus, seem to be full of films you’ve never heard of, arranged in no particular order. The latest hits haven’t arrived yet, and there’s no one around to help you out except for the digital equivalent of the surly, underpaid clerk

Instantwatcher is of course your best reference to Netflix Instant. It indexes all Instant movies in an easy to browse categorized format, particularly new releases and upcoming flicks. Netflix Instant is frustating, with its blending of available and unavailable films for streaming, and most of the popular movies being unavailable.

Confession: I added on the DVD option to Netflix again this week. It seems like the best deal, even compared to Amazon Instant Video pay-per-view deals.

We had great fun watching Cowboys and Aliens on Amazon for New Years' Eve. It is a perfect blend of the classic Westerns and modern alien invasion flicks, even if the aliens get too little screen time.  

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