Monday, December 19, 2011

Amazon Select and Free Books on the Amazon Kindle

With all the new Amazon Kindles being bought and loaded up, everyone's on the lookout for good book bargains. This couldn't have come at a better time, as with the launch of Amazon's new marketing fund, Kindle Select, authors are encouraged to give away their books for free, for up to 5 days each quarter.

 Needless to say, this is both a shot in the arm for independent authors/publishers and at the same time a shot across the bow (apologies for the overwrought metaphor) of the large publishers. The large publishers had it coming, as it were, with their near-cartelization of e-book pricing, for which they are reportedly being investigated by the EU.

Authors have been quick to take advantage of the e-promotions, and a plethora of books is marked down to free every day. There are a couple of websites that specialize in tracking free and discounted Kindle books. Two notable ones are Kinlib and eReaderIQ. I prefer the user interface of eReaderIQ, although kinlib's sparse format leads to lesser clicking and faster scrolling. Both have opted to hide the many erotica titles, although often titles are miscategorized. An Amazon reader/reviewer, Princess "Jingle Bells" Joyce, has long been sharing free books each day through the Kindle Discussion forum, and her job is much simplified by these new sites. The advantage of the daily Free Books thread is that readers chime in with recommendations and opinions, making it easy to sift through the chaff.

Here's the pick of the lot for today:

Dig in! (Remember, you can send the books to the Kindle Cloud Reader until you're ready to download them and save space on your Kindle)

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