Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Worth reading: Make money writing online

Interesting article on why writing for print is not important any more

Web writing has a few obvious advantages over print. Aside from
interactivity—instant feedback and comments from readers—web content
has a lot of staying power. Where a short magazine article may fade
into the ether a few months later, an article on the web will pretty
much always available on search engines, with your name attached.

Articles on the web also get distribution to a wider audience than
might normally read your work in print. Writing about a charged topic
in a women's mag, for example, won't be read by most men (who would be
unlikely to buy the title), but on the web the same article can
circulate among blogs and get linked all over the web, creating a much
larger forum. "Bloggers can triple the traffic to your article," notes Slate
columnist and NYU journalism professor Adam Penenberg. "Sure, the web
and particularly bloggers can be a highly vitriolic culture, but if
your ideas are good, your work can endure in a way that it never could
in the past."

Writing for Blogcritics and Desicritics has not been remunerative financially, but immensely satisfying to see readers comment and the volume of attention grows the better your approach and writing, so there's encouragement to write better.

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